Migrate SSL Visibility from 3.x to 4.x

SSL Visibility 4.x software is a significant upgrade from 3.x. As a result, migration to 4.x requires that you perform a series of steps in a specific order.

Migration is supported for appliances running version or later. If your appliance is running earlier 3.x software, you must first upgrade to or later before attempting to migrate to 4.x.

  1. Back up the SSL Visibility 3.x PKI configuration.
  2. Download the SSL Visibility 4.x system image.
  3. Upload the 4.x image.
  4. Install the 4.x license.
  5. Restore the PKI backup.

Because of the substantial infrastructure changes made to 4.x software, the following configuration items from SSL Visibility 3.x versions are not compatible with 4.x versions and are not portable to 4.x:

  • Policy/ruleset configuration
  • Platform configuration, for example, user accounts
  • 3.x license

The 3.x PKI configuration can be migrated to 4.x if you back up and restore the settings.