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Track Hosts and Users that Generate the Most Traffic

PacketShaper keeps track of the IPv4 and IPv6 hosts that generate the most traffic. You can configure PacketShaper to track the Top Talkers (hosts that initiate the most traffic) and Top Listeners (hosts that receive the most traffic) for different traffic classes. If traffic in one of the Default or numbered port classes is regularly consuming a significant portion of total bandwidth (such as more than 10%), you can use the Top Talkers/Listeners feature to create new classes, thereby reducing the amount of unclassified traffic. You can turn on Top Talkers and/or Talk Listeners for a Default or numbered port class, and after a few days, look at a report to see if any single host is using a substantial percentage of the total (for example, more than 15%). You can then create a class for this host.

When PacketShaper is configured as a BCAAA client, it can retrieve user information from Microsoft Active Directory; user and group names can then appear in Top Talkers and Top Listeners reports.

To configure PacketWise to track top hosts/users for a class:

1. Click the Manage tab.

2. In the left window pane, select the class for which you want to track hosts/users.

3. Select the Top Talkers and/or Talk Listeners checkboxes.  show screen

4. Click apply changes.

PacketShaper will now track the top twenty talkers/listeners for this class. See List Top Hosts for details on viewing a Top Talkers or Top Listeners report.


  • You can enable a total of 32 Top Talkers and Top Listeners (combined) at one time. Thus, you can enable both Top Talkers and Top Listeners for up to 16 different classes. Or, if you enable one or the other (just Top Talkers or just Top Listeners), you can track top hosts on 32 different classes.

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