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Disable Bypass

To implement direct standby operation, you must disable the normal bypass relay function of a powered-down PacketShaper. In a typical installation, if a unit fails or loses power, relays close to allow user traffic to pass unhindered between the two ports. As a component of a redundant configuration, however, a powered-down PacketShaper needs to be a point of failure in the network. Therefore, disabling the bypass functionality ensures that an out-of-service, failed, or powered-down unit does not pass traffic.

For instructions on disabling bypass, see the appropriate section for your model:

3500, 7500, 10000, 12000


  • PacketShapers with fiber-optic connectors do not need to be modified, and the Blue Coat Fiber Bypass Switch should not be deployed.
  • Because the PacketShaper 900 and 1700 don't have interfaces that can be used to connect two PacketShapers directly, you will not be able to use the direct standby feature on these models.


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