Configure WebPulse

WebPulse is a service provided by Blue Coat that receives URL identification requests and responds with the IDs of the category, application, and/or operation associated with the URL. When WebPulse is enabled, you will have the ability to:

The WebPulse URL database is either in the cloud or stored locally on the appliance. Note that the option for a locally stored database is available only on PS-S500 appliances using WebPulse Express (see setup webpulse express).

To perform this task from PolicyCenter, you must first select a unit or draft configuration draft in the Configurations window. Then select the Setup tab from the right pane of this window, and proceed to step 2 of the procedure below.

To configure WebPulse:

1. Click the Setup tab.

3. For WebPulse, select on.

4. (Optional) Select which categories you want to auto-discover.

5. Click apply changes.

Additional Information


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