Using this Help System

This help system provides comprehensive information to help you replace and upgrade components on the S-Series appliances.

Find the Information you Need

Table of Contents — Peruse the topics in the help system by collapsing/expanding the hierarchical list in the left pane. You can adjust the width of the Contents pane by dragging its right border. Or click the red arrow (located in the middle of the right border) to hide/display the Contents pane.

Search — Look for a word or a string of words in the topics of the help system. The search results display in the help window; click a topic title to display the topic.

Related Topics — Links to related topics appear at the end of each topic.

Printing a Topic

  1. Click the Expand All icon to display any hidden or collapsed text in the topic.
  2. Click the Print icon. The Print dialog box displays.
  3. Select the printer and other options.
  4. Click OK to begin printing.