Replace the S400 Series Power Supply Unit

The S400 Series is equipped with up to two hot-swappable power supplies that provide power redundancy for the appliance. Each power supply unit has a rear-facing status indicator which shows whether or not it is operating within normal operating parameters.

  1. Determine which power supply is faulty:
    1. Log in to the appliance.

    2. In the Management Console, navigate to Maintenance > System and Disks > Environment.

    3. Click the View Sensors button to display a table that shows fan status.

    4. Identify the fan that should be replaced (in this example, fan #5):

  2. Disconnect the power cord from the power supply unit that is being replaced. Unplug the power cord from the AC power outlet before unplugging the cord from the appliance.

  3. Connect a power cord between the newly installed power supply unit and a power source.

Be sure to recycle your old and unused hardware through the Symantec Recycling Service. For more information, go to