Replace the S200 Series Hard Disk Drive

The S200 Series appliance is equipped with up to 2 SATA hard disk drives. The SATA drives can only be removed and installed when power is disconnected from the appliance.

Review the Safety Warnings and Cautions before servicing your appliance. ALWAYS observe proper electrostatic discharge (ESD) conventions. Attach an ESD protective wrist strap to your wrist and to the chassis. Ensure that the appliance is on an ESD-safe work surface or ground the unit appropriately. Symantec does not assume responsibility or liability for damage resulting from ESD.

  1. Determine which HDD is faulty (ProxySG / ASG only):
    1. Log in to the appliance.

    2. In the Management Console, navigate to:

      • ProxySG: Maintenance > System and Disks > Disks
      • ASG: Proxy > Maintenance > System and Disks > Disks
    3. View the Status to see the current condition of the drives. If there is a problem with the drive, it is indicated under the Status column.
    4. Identify the HDD that should be replaced.

  2. Gracefully power down the appliance.

  3. Remove the appliance top cover and set it aside in a safe location.
  4. Reinstall the appliance top cover.

Be sure to recycle your old and unused hardware through the Symantec Recycling Service. For more information, go to