Configure Task Settings

Select Malware Analysis > Task Settings to set defaults for tasks that will run in a specific environment. These settings also appear when you create a task.

For each environment type, specify default task settings to be used for automatic sample submission, as from Content Analysis, Security Analytics, or Symantec Messaging Gateway, as well as for samples that are manually submitted using the Malware Analysis tab or RAPI. Each environment has its own set of tasks and possible defaults.

  1. Select Malware Analysis > Task Settings.

  2. For Environment Type, select one of the following.
    • IntelliVM: Emulated Windows 7 or 10 64-bit operating systems
    • SandBox: Simulated Windows environment
    • MobileVM: Emulated Android operating system
    • Apple Analyzer: Emulated Apple operating system
  3. Configure the options for the selected environment.

  1. Click Save as Default. The configured settings will apply to tasks for that environment.

Next Step: View the Task Summary.