ESM OS Patch Comprehensive Standard
November 2012


This Hotfix is an update to ESM OS Patch Comprehensive Standard and contains checks for updates released by Symantec with ESM OS Patch Policy Version 2012.11.01.

You can find the latest Windows and UNIX Patch release update at the following locations:

OS Patch Update version 2012.11.01:

Review the following notes before you install this Hotfix:

  • To install this Hotfix on Control Compliance Suite Reporting and Analytics 10.0 and 10.5.1, you must at least have 2012-1 PCU or a later version of the PCU. This Hotfix is only an upgrade and cannot be installed as a fresh installation on Control Compliance Suite Reporting and Analytics 10.0 and 10.5.1.
  • You must have the following services running before you install the Hotfix:
    • Symantec Application Server Service
    • Symantec Directory Support Service
    • Symantec Management Services Service
    • SymantecCCS

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